Learn About Genetics

This is your starting point to learn about all the genetics, autism, and the genetic variants the Simons VIP team is studying. We will regularly update this page with new research and information for families.

Here's a brief overview of the type of information you'll find here:

  • Genetics FAQ: Here you can find the background information you need to understand your lab reports. We review chromosomes, genes, copy number variants (CNVs), genetic variants in a person's DNA code, and more.
  • What is Autism?: Here you can find information about the features of autism spectrum disorder.
  • Genetic Changes we are Studying: Here you can find information about the genetic variants and genetic changes we are studying.
  • Helpful Links: Here you can find links to other websites to gather information that may be interesting or helpful for you and your family.

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The main categories listed will expand so you can explore and learn more.